When physicians used to press their ears on the patient’s chest?

It all happened in 1816. French doctor René Theophile Hyacinthe Laennec’s (1781–1826) at the Necker-Enfants Malades Hospital in Paris was not comfortable to press his ear on a young female patient’s breasts, and tap her chest hard with his fingers, which was a common practice in the medical fraternity until then. The shy doctor René […]

Wound Care – Dickson’s treatment for his young wife Josephine

Earle Ensign Dickson (E E Dickson) was born on October 10, 1892 in Grandview, Tennessee. After earning his BA from Yale University in Connecticut in 1913, he graduated from Lowell Textile Institute, Massachusetts in 1914. In 1916, Dickson joined Chicopee Manufacturing Company in Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts as a cotton buyer. The same year, 1916, the Chicopee Manufacturing […]

Hollywood from New Jersey to California

The early days of the American movie industry approximately in the period of 1890 to 1910 was not the present Hollywood. Rather it was  in the Fort Lee–Coytesville area in New Jersey. What made Hollywood to move from Fort Lee – New Jersey to Los Angeles – California? Or there were some other underlying causes?? It’s the fact that Thomas […]

LED bulb was priced at $200 a piece before 1970

At least now the commonplace LED, itself definitive enough. The Light-Emitting-Diode is an electric element normally used in electronic devices that emits light based on the principle of electroluminescence when connected to DC (direct current). An LED can emit light not only in visible range, but also in infrared and ultraviolet spectra? It has been […]