Markush patent US2,014,143 Example 2

A Chemical structure may span from a defined exact structure, a family of structures to a Markush structure.

A markush structure includes several possible variations at various positions of the chemical structure, in turn claiming several specific chemical compounds with closely related properties and often bioequivalence. A family of structures may include compounds and their pharmaceutically acceptable salts, copolymers with common monomers, or a compound with a charge.

Here is an example of the first few Markush structures by “Eugene Markush” who is the first inventor to use such claims in a U.S. patent with successful grants. His other patents include US 1,506,316; US 1,982,681; US 1,986,276; US 2,014,143 in the period 1920s to 1930s.

Claim 12 of US 2,014,143

Filed on May 17, 1930, and patented on September 10, 1935 to “Eugene Markush”


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