Is there a prior art reference that the invention directly reads on?

KnockOut Novelty Search is a relatively faster turnaround prior art search with 2 to 4 closed possible prior arts. The goal of a knockout novelty search is to target the closest prior art references that the invention directly reads on (the single prior art reference must teach every element of the invention under its broadest sense of interpretation).

A knockout novelty search beforehand can save a lot of time and money that otherwise would be spent in advancing your idea thinking it is novel, or would be spent preparing and filing a patent application while there is a simpler way to locate a prior art that is roadblock for the invention. For this reason, many of our clients choose to begin the process with a knockout novelty search. The results from a knockout novelty search does not always stand in the way of your invention, rather they stand by your invention and make the novelty features in your patent application superior, and stronger to pave the way for a smoother patent application and prosecution.

Our Knockout search may include patent or non-patent literature prior art depending on their best fit to the invention. As the number of references is limited and the turnaround is quick, we target the United States patents or United States published patent applications as our first preference.

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