Investigation into current developments can save you from reinventing the wheel

"State of the art" simply speaking is literally same as the "Prior Art". A State of the Art Search also known as a Collection Search is a broad investigation of certain technical area aimed at gaining familiarity of the existing developments in and around it. It is principally an assessment that takes a wide view of the prevailing technology space.

Corporate strategy is now increasingly driven by IP strategy. Many organisations routinely conduct state of the art patent searches to check their IP holdings and ensure their existing technology space is at par or ahead of the global developments.

A State of the art search is the broadest form of any patent search

Often, based on the need and the level of decision making steps, a state of the art search can be scoped out by various parameters

Technical Scope

A Geographical Region

Period of Investigation

Potential Companies

A State of the Art Search proves to be valuable in numerous instances

  • Entering into a technical field in form of research or commerce
  • Building around the present technical area

  • Identifying possible solutions midway of research and development
  • Recognizing competitors and understand current technological movements.

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