How to Install Digital signature ⇒ Register ⇒ Login for India Patents e-Filing

Indian Patent office has started the Agent registration procedure, and the registration certificates will be assigned soon. Here is a step-by-step guide on how one can seamlessly Install the Digital signature ⇒ Register ⇒ Login for e-Filing India Patents. =============================================================== Section A: Obtaining a Digital Signature Certificate Section B: Setting up your Computer to use […]

Registration as India Patent Agent for the Candidates qualified per Section 126(1)(c)

Congratulations!  everyone who passed the Patent Agent Examination 2018. And the others who unfortunately did not qualify this time, our good wishes! with them for the next time the Patent Agent Examination rolls around. We wish the notification comes again in 2019!   We advise everyone to apply online whoever has not already applied in physical […]

India Patent Agent Examination 2018 – Question Papers I and II; Answer Keys to Paper I

The recently conducted “written test” of Patent Agent Examination on October 28, 2018 has witnessed more aspirants to become patent agents (the qualified candidates from this written test will be called for viva-voce after about a month).  An indication of the rising awareness of patenting in India, together with the India Patent Office’ effort to […]