Registration as India Patent Agent for the Candidates qualified per Section 126(1)(c)

Congratulations!  everyone who passed the Patent Agent Examination 2018. And the others who unfortunately did not qualify this time, our good wishes! with them for the next time the Patent Agent Examination rolls around. We wish the notification comes again in 2019!


We advise everyone to apply online whoever has not already applied in physical form. Strengthen the digital manoeuver of the Patent Office India.

Online Application Option is now available (Click for Patent Office Notice Dated Feb-06-2019)


Why apply online? (for them who have not already applied in physical form), You save Rs 380 in the application fees (Rs 4000 Vs Rs. 4380) + You save time and cost of going to the bank and also the cost of making the DD (if any). And, also strengthen the digital manoeuver of the India Patent Office.

 Admit card without Invigilator's signature: It has come to our notice that, some people do not have a signature by the invigilator on their admit cards. As it's a no way out situation now, we got  suggestions from the Patent office that you may send a photocopy (xerox) of the unsigned Admit card when you send the physical documents to patent office after online application.

IMPORTANT: (From the Notice)

Even if you apply online, still you need to send the documents via Speed-Post. Please see the notice carefully for the list of documents to be sent in physical (paper) form.

Candidates who have already sent the application for registration through offline mode do not need to follow the instructions given in this notice i.e. if already applied off-line, do not  apply online again. In case of any discrepancy found in the offline Application already made, the Patent office will revert back to them.



The Information below was provided for Physical Filing before the online facility was available on Feb-6-2019.

Here we are providing a handy set of guidelines on How to Apply for Registration of Patent Agent (Off-Line)

(Every Application goes to Mumabi Patent Office irrespective of where you appeared in the examination)

As per the Notice published in India Patent Office website on January 18, 2019, the candidates who have qualified the Patent Agent Examination-2018 may submit their application for registration as a patent agent in Form-22 along with requisite fee (fee for registration and continuation in one financial year) and following documents:

  1. Self-attested copy for proof of Date of Birth (Passport/ PAN/Voter id/ Aadhaar/ Birth Certificate / School leaving certificate / Mark sheet / Driving license/ Govt. issued ID card)
  2. Self-attested copy for proof of degree in Science/ Engineering / Technology as per section 126(1) (c) of the Patents Act, 1970.
  3. Self-attested copy of proof of Citizenship (Passport / Voter ID / Certificate of Nationality)
  4. Character Certificate in original by a Gazetted Officer.

What you need:

Per the information we have in hand from The Patent Office, as the online facility is not currently active/ available, the qualified candidates are required to submit their application for registration as physical (paper) filing.

  1. Form 22  - Application for Registration of Patent Agent (Appropriately filled) - Download Form 22
  2. Self-attested Copy for proof of Date of Birth (as said above)
  3. Self-attested copy for proof of degree in Science/ Engineering / Technology (as said above)
  4. Self-attested copy of proof of Citizenship (as said above)
  5. Character Certificate in original by a Gazetted Officer - Download Template for Character Certificate
  6. A single demand draft of Rs. 4380* drawn in favour of “The Controller of Patents” payable at Mumbai
  7. Attach two recent passport size photographs (As mentioned at the bottom of Form 22)
  8. Provide specimen signature in separate sheet (As mentioned at the bottom of Form 22)

*(Rs. 3500 for one time registration + Rs 880 for continuation of practicing as Patent agent for the first financial year)

9. Send the above documents in an appropriately closed envelop (use a C4 size envelop, do not fold the documents) to Patent Office Mumbai through Speed Post in the following address:


The Controller of Patents

Boudhik Sampada Bhawan, Antop Hill,

S. M. Road, Mumbai - 400 037.

Phone: 022- 24153651, 24101144

(Jan 29, 2019: Notice in India Patent Office Web Platform)


  1. Inquiry about registration of patent agents who appered for 2018. I have not got the registered certificate till now. I had sent documents very early in march 2019. Kindly, inform me how long will it take?

    • Dear Sunidhi,

      I understand the long wait. The Patent office after verification of the documents, started registering the applicants. Please wait for a few days, you should get it soon. If you do not get it soon, you may call us though to discuss.

      ExiLyze Team

  2. Respected sir/ mam
    I have applied for patent agent registration only in the month of April 2019 through offline mode. As of now I have not received any acknowledgement from the patent office with respect to the submitted application and I tried contacting the office number. I couldn’t reach out them. How to check the status of the patent agent registration process ?

    • Hi Rudhra,

      The Patent Agent registration is in progress, and the patent office is busy in processing the requests who applied earlier. You should expect the registration soon if all documents are in order. In case there is any discrepancy in the documents, you will get an email or phone call from patent office. Just wait for some time, it will be done, you may contact us on phone if you have any further questions.

      ExiLyze Team

  3. Is there any update on patent office patent agent registered numbers for 2018 passed members are published or not? if not may i know whwn it will be?

  4. What about the digital signature? Is it required for registering as a Patent Agent? Or is it required while- filing patents on behalf of the inventors?

    • Hello Smreti,

      For Patent Agent Registration, currently an online facility is not available. You need to send the application to Mumbai Patent Office in physical (Paper) form. So you do not need digital signature if you apply for registration now.

      A digital signature is primarily intended to sign the documents digitally when you file documents online. Please keep in mind there are some documents as Power of attorney and proof of right (when needed) still to be submitted to patent office by signing them on paper after you file them electronically. Both Class II and Class III digital signatures are accepted by The Patent Office India. Once you get the Registration Number IN/PA………., you can use your digital signature to file patents online for others as a Patent agent, also you can renew your Patent agent Registration online.

      ExiLyze Team

  5. Since i am a final year student , so i have no degree right now , i will get in april or in may , then in that case what will be the duration of submitting the degree from the date of result ?

    • A good question Saransh, and great to hear that you appeared in the examination before completing your graduation, and Congratulations on your success! Going by the Patents act and Patents Rules, no timeline has been given as to when you should apply for registration of patent agent after passing the qualifying examination. Hence essentially you are free to do anytime, at best you “may” need to file a petition for delay, (with the petition fees of Rs 1600/- additional to your registration and continuation fees).

      As you have successfully cleared the examination without the degree, the patent office will absolutely wait until you pass. We suggest you to submit the degree certificate and the application for registration as soon as you get the degree certificate.

      Hope it helps. Please contact us at for further questions that you may have.

      ExiLyze Team

  6. This is as clear as it can get. Appreciate sharing the much needed info. One question, if we want to pay fees for subsequent year as well, I assume we can add Rs 880 for each additional year.

    • We are glad to answer your question Nitin. Once you get the Patent agent Number, you can create an online account, and then for the second year or any subsequent years, you can pay Rs 800 per year through Form 30 (Online). Please note, it’s for Financial year, so April 1 is a critical date for the next year. You may pay for several years anytime, say for 5 years, you may pay Rs 4000. No need to wait until April 1 though, you may pay for another year or for several years just after you received your Agent Number IN/PAXXXX,

      ExiLyze Team

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