India-Patents-Section 36

Secrecy directions to be periodically reviewed

(1) The question whether an invention in respect of which directions have been given under section 35 continues to be relevant for defence purposes shall be reconsidered by the Central Government at intervals of six months or on a request made by the applicant which is found to be reasonable by the Controller and if, on such reconsideration it appears to the Central Government that the publication of the invention would no longer be prejudicial to the defence of India or in case of an application filed by a foreign applicant it is found that the invention is published outside India it shall forthwith give notice to the Controller to revoke the direction and the Controllers shall thereupon revoke the directions previously given by him.

(2) The result of every re-consideration under sub-section (1), shall be communicated to the applicant within such time and in such manner as may be prescribed.