India-Patents-Section 129

Restrictions on practice as patent agents

(1) No person, either alone or in partnership with any other person, shall practise, describe or hold himself out as a patent agent, or permit himself to be so described or held out, unless he is registered as a patent agent or, as the case may be, unless he and all his partners are so registered.

(2) No company or other body corporate shall practise, describe itself or hold itself out as patent agents or permit itself to be so described or held out.
Explanation:— For the purposes of this section, practise as a patent agent includes any of the following acts, namely:—

  1. applying for or obtaining patents in India or elsewhere;
  2. preparing specifications or other documents for the purposes of this Act or of the patent law of any other country;
  3. giving advice other than of a scientific or technical nature as to the validity of patents or their infringement.