India-Patents-Rule 13


(1) Every specification, whether provisional or complete, shall be made in Form 2.

(2) A specification in respect of a divisional application under Section 16 shall contain specific reference to the number of the original application from which the divisional application is made.

(2A) A patent applicant may, if he so desires, file one or more further applications under section 16, including in respect of an invention disclosed in the provisional or complete specification or a further application filed under Section 16.

(3) A specification in respect of a patent of addition under section 54 shall contain a specific reference to the number of the main patent, or the application for the main patent, as the case may be, and a definite statement that the invention comprises an improvement in, or a modification of, the invention claimed in the specification of the main patent granted or applied for.

(4) Where the invention requires explanation through drawings, such drawings shall be prepared in accordance with the provisions of rule 15 and shall be supplied with, and referred to in detail, in the specification, including the claims where the features illustrated in the drawings shall be followed by their respective reference signs in parentheses:

Provided that in case of a complete specification, if the applicant desires to adopt the drawings filed with the provisional specification as the drawings or part of the drawings for the complete specification, it shall be sufficient to refer to them in the complete specification as those left or filed with the provisional specification.

(5) Irrelevant or other matter, not necessary, in the opinion of the Controller, for elucidation of the invention, shall be excluded from the title, description, claims and drawings.

(6) Except in the case of an application (other than a convention application or an application filed under the Patent Cooperation Treaty designating India) which is accompanied by a complete specification, a declaration as to the inventorship of the invention shall be filed in Form 5 with the complete specification or at any time before the expiration of one month from the date of filing of the complete specification, as the Controller may allow on an application made in Form 4.

Explanation.--For the purposes of this rule, the date of filing of the complete specification with respect to an application corresponding to an international application in which India is designated shall be reckoned from the actual date on which the corresponding application is filed in India.

(7) (a) The abstract as specified under clause (d) of sub-section (4) of section 10, accompanying the specification shall commence with the title of the invention. The title of the invention shall disclose the specific features of the invention normally in not more than fifteen words.

(b) The abstract shall contain a concise summary of the matter contained in the specification and the summary shall indicate clearly the technical field to which the invention belongs, technical advancement of the invention as compared to the existing knowledge and principal use of the invention excluding any speculative use and where necessary, the abstract shall contain the chemical formula, which characterises the invention.

(c) The abstract may not contain more than one hundred and fifty words.

(d) If the specification contains any drawing, the applicant shall indicate on the abstract the figure, or exceptionally, the figures of the drawings which may accompany the abstract when published. Each main feature mentioned in the abstract and illustrated by a drawing shall be followed by the reference sign used in that drawing.

(e) The abstract shall be so drafted that it constitutes an efficient instrument for the purposes of searching in the particular technical field, in particular by making it possible to assess whether there is a need to consult the specification itself.

(8) The period within which reference to the deposit shall be made in the specification under sub-clause (A) of clause (ii) of sub-section (4) of Section 10 shall be three months from the date of filing of the application: Provided that in case of a request for publication under rule 24A, such reference shall be made on or before the date of filing of such request.