1. Exercise of discretionary power of Controller, miscellaneous power of Controller

The time within which a person entitled under section 33 of the Act, to an opportunity of being heard shall exercise his option of requiring to be heard shall be one month from the date of a notice which the Controller shall give to such person or his agent before determining the matter with reference to which such person is entitled to be heard. If within that month such person or his agent requires to be heard, the Controller shall appoint a date for the hearing and shall give ten days notice thereof:

Provided that if the giving of ten day’s notice would cause an application for the registration of design to be deemed to have been abandoned before the hearing, the Controller may curtail the period of notice.


  1. Controller may require statement

Whether an applicant or agent desires to be heard or not, the Controller may at any time require him to submit a statement in writing within a time to be notified by the Controller, or to attend before him and make explanations with respect to such matters as the Controller may require.


  1. General Power of amendment

Any document for the amending of which no special provision is made by the Act may be amended, and any irregularity in procedure which, in the opinion of the Controller, may be obviated without detriment to the interest of any person, may be corrected if the Controller thinks fit, and upon such terms as he may direct.


  1. General Power to enlarge time

The time prescribed by these rules for doing any act or taking any proceeding thereunder maybe enlarged by the Controller, if he thinks fit, and upon such terms as he may direct.