Design Rules (India) 2001 – INSPECTIONS AND SEARCHES


  1. Inspection of designs

Registered designs shall be open to public inspection after the notification of the said design in Official Gazette and the application together with representation of the design may be inspected on a request made in Form - 5.


  1. Search under section 18

(1) Request for information as specified in section 18 of the Act may be made by any person in Form 6 with the fee as specified in the Schedule of fees and shall contain the registration number of the design for which information is required.

(2) If the applicant is unable to furnish the registration number of the design, he shall lodge with the Controller, in Form 7 together with such information as is in his possession, and the Controller shall thereupon cause search to be made in the class indicated therein as much as be possible on the information supplied, and shall furnish such information as may be obtainable. Where Form 7 is accompanied by a representation or specimen of the design, such representation or specimen shall be furnished in duplicate.