Design Rules (India) 2001 – CERTIFICATES


  1. Certified copies of documents

Certified copies of an entry in the Register of Design or certified copies of, or extracts from disclaimers, affidavits, declarations and other public documents in the Office, or from Register and other records, shall be furnished by the Controller on payment of the prescribed fee.


  1. Form etc. of affidavits

(1) The affidavits required by the Act and these rules, or used in any proceedings thereunder, shall be headed in the matter or matters to which they relate, shall be drawn up in the first person, and shall be divided into paragraphs consecutively numbered; and each paragraph shall, as far as possible, be confined to one subject. Every affidavit shall state the description and true place of abode of the person making the same, shall bear the name and address of the person leaving it and shall state on whose behalf it is left.

(2) Affidavits shall be confined to such facts as the deponent is able of his own knowledge to prove, except on interlocutory applications, on which statements of his belief may be admitted, provided that the grounds thereof are stated.

(3) Affidavits shall be sworn to as follows :-

(a) In India, before any court or person having by law authority to receive evidence, or before any officer empowered by such court or person as aforesaid to administer oaths or to take affidavits;

(b) In any country or place outside India, – before a diplomatic or consular office, within the meaning of the Diplomatic and Consular Officers (Oaths and Fees) Act, 1948 (41 of 1948) in such country of place or before a notary of the country or place, recognized by the Central Government under section 14 of the Notaries Act, 1952 (53 of 1952), or before a judge or magistrate of the country of place.

(4) The person before whom an affidavit is sworn shall state the date on which and the place where the same is sworn to and shall affix thereto his seal, if any, or the seal of the court if the affidavit is sworn to before the court or an officer empowered by that court and signed his name and state his designation and address at the end thereof.

(5) Any affidavit purporting to have affixed, impressed or subscribed thereto or thereon the seal or signature of any person authorized under sub-rule (3), in testimony of the affidavit having been sworn to before him, may be admitted by the Controller without proof the genuineness of the seal or signature, or of the official position of that person.

(6) Alterations and interlineations shall, before an affidavit is sworn to or affirmed be authenticated by the initials of the person before whom the affidavit is sworn to.

(7) Where the deponent is illiterate, blind or unacquainted with the language in which the affidavit is written, a certificate by the person before whom the affidavit is sworn to, the effect that the affidavit was read, translated or explained in his presence to the deponent, and the deponent seemed perfectly to understand it and has signed the affidavit or affixed his mark in his presence, shall be attached at the end of the affidavit.

(8) Every affidavit filed before the Controller in connection with any proceeding under the Act or these rules shall be duly stamped under the provision of any law for that time being in force.